Freelance B2B Technology and Automotive Content Writing and Strategy

Freelance B2B Technology and Automotive Content Writing and Strategy
Welcome to the Cloudworker Digital Virtual HQ

Welcome to my website. I create original, authoritative, on-brand content - delivered on time and tailored to your brand voice. Visual content created by Chat GPT, Dall-E and MidJourney, like the AI-generated image above, is improving. Yet bot-written content doesn't have the context, warmth, or depth of content written by an experienced communications professional like myself.

Why Does Content Marketing Matter?

Your company needs insightful, accurate, thoroughly researched content that moves the needle on customer credibility and conversions. Content that distinguishes your business from your competitors and builds your credibility with your target audience. Your content needs context, nuance, and emotion to resonate with the influencers and decision-makers researching your company.

I write content that follows search engine marketing best practices for:

  • White hat SEO tactics including optimizing web page meta titles, headlines and paragraphs that are “catchy” and keyword-rich
  • Crafting high-conversion calls to action, enhancing web page readability by ensuring it has a credible, conversational tone
  • e-mail marketing campaigns that drive to landing pages and gated content
  • Identifying keywords with high search volumes to optimize meta descriptions, page titles and on-page content
  • Internal contextual linking within your website and to off-site sources
  • Crafting a brand voice that resonates with your target audience
  • Distribution of your content across your social media channels

Get On Track to Meeting or Exceeding Your Content Goals

Are you getting the leads and engagement you were expecting from your website? Are you finding your web traffic is decreasing? Let’s talk about ways to increase your impression volume (visits), get your visitors to stay on your site longer, interact with more of your content pages, and take action!

I can also advise you on or provide you with expert content creation services for:

  • e-commerce sites
  • Video and audio scripts
  • Landing page and web page copy
  • Sales enablement brochures and competitive battle cards
  • Product marketing content
  • Social media content amplification
  • Digital marketing copy for e-mail campaigns, event websites, digital or physical brochures)
  • Whitepapers, eBooks and longer articles or web content

Writing long-form articles, ebooks, and whitepapers tends to be my content wheelhouse or sweet spot.

Outside of automotive and B2B technology content, I’ve also been successful in writing about supply chain management, artificial intelligence, business process automation,

Please visit my Contently portfolio page if you are interested in samples of my work for select customers. I will be publishing some influential blogs right here on my site.

Would you be ready to discuss your company's content marketing needs? Please send me an e-mail through my Contact page or book some time on my calendar through Calendly.

I look forward to collaborating with you!

Mark Burdon, Automotive and Technology Content Writer
Mark Burdon, Automotive and Technology Content Writer, Editor and Strategist